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Children’s Friend & Service “Walk & Run”

Marguerite Orosz, Margaret Cordeiro, AnnMarie St. Laurent and Danielle Conboy participated for Team Liberty in support of the 10th annual Walk & Run event for Children’s Friend & Service on June 16, 2012. The event was well attended and held to raise funds and awareness to the summer programs Children’s Friend offers the community and the challenges lower income families face when schools are closed for the summer. CF&S works tirelessly within the community to provide a safe environment for children to go during these summer months. Team Liberty exceeded their fund raising goal this year and looks forward to next year’s event.

Role of the Broker- CBP Holds Open Forum with the Boston Brokerage Community

7/13/12: Customs & Border Protection gave the Boston brokerage community the opportunity to provide input on CBP’s efforts to update the customs broker regulations, more specifically; 19CFR Part III.

Elena Ryan, Acting Director-Trade Facilitation and Administration, Office of International Trade and Anita Harris, Chief of Broker Compliance Branch, Office of International Trade provided an interactive forum for CBP and licensed customs brokers to share their ideas and voice their concerns regarding continuing education for licensed brokers, bona fides (ensuring the validity of a person or enterprise importing into the U.S.) and the broker permit pilot (exploring ways to better align regulations with modern business practices by allowing brokers to have a local permit in ports without a licensed broker permit qualifier).

The brokers and CBP discussed ways to establish a continuing education program that could be monitored by the Federal Government but would take into consideration the needs of businesses (brokers and importers) that depend on continuing education to suit their customer’s needs and business practices. Currently there are approximately 12,500 “active” licensed brokers in the United States. How will CBP monitor or track diverse educational requirements?

Discussions regarding bona fides addressed concerns the brokerage community has regarding their compliance in validating the information they receive from potential importers vs. a broker who does not require the same documentation, ways to check validity (websites, documents, etc), and where the broker’s responsibilities end and CBP’s begin.

The broker permit pilot discussion addressed the concerns of brokers who want to do entries in ports that can’t be supported by RLF (remote location filing). Currently, only entry types 01 (formal consumption entries) 11 (informal entries) can be filed through RLF. In September 2012 type 03 (consumption CVD/ADD entries) will be allowed, but only through ACE.

CBP expects to hold this open forum in all major U.S. ports.

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